Stand-Up Comedy Class Information

by Scott Novotny

Stand-Up Comedy Classes for beginners and advanced instruction in Stand Up comedy and Improvisation.  Offered in the Minnesota Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, as well as Hudson and New Richmond in western Wisconsin.Two classes are currently available:

 - Beginning Stand-Up Comedy -  and - Advanced Stand-Up Comedy

Stand-Up Comedy.  Study the Art of Comedy with former Saturday Night Live writer, Scott Novotny.  Learn to be funny.Beginning Stand-Up Comedy” (or “All my friends tell me I’m funny, how do I do this thing?’)

In this class, students work on a 3-5 minute routine to perform at a special showcase night. There are five 90 min. sessions where the student learns how to construct a routine, rehearse it, are instructed on proper stage technique, and given feedback and guidance by the instructor. This culminates in a special showcase evening set up at the club for all the students to try out their routine in front of a live [and very friendly] audience.

Advanced Stand-up Comedy” (or “Now what do I do with this thing that I’ve created?")

The Advanced Class offers the student a place to continue to explore their routine after they have finished the Beginning Class. The students work on adding material to their set, get guidance and direction, and continue to tweak and polish their comedy act. Once again, this five week session ends in a showcase performance at the club.

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What students say...

"Hey Buddy, I am glad to hear from you.  I don't know if you relized but we are performing together in Bentendorf, IA  Aug 28-30.  If I am in town I would love to stop by your classes and feel like a rock star. My quote: "He doesn't write your materal for you; he points you in the right direction." or "I paid him $200.00 bucks and he paid me $1000.00 bucks."  Let me know if any of those will work.  Look forward to work with you friday 8pm show in Bentendorf is already sold out...probably because of me...not."
Mark Poolos--rock and roll comedian/former blackjack dealer