Friday July 19th, 2013

by: Scott Novotny

“I performed at the Dudley Riggs Brave New Workshop back in the late 70′s as a regular company member performing and writing revues, mixing it up with instant improvisation after the shows. I was in such productions as”Dork at the Top of the Stairs,” “How Much Does This Holocaust?,” or Armageddon Outa Here,” “The Word According To Carp,” and “What’s Up Yours, Doc”? The fundamentals that I was taught during that stint as a performer in the regular company ensemble has been to this day one of the most valuable tools that I retain as a professional comedian. Imagine working 80 hours a week, on minimum pay, and absolutely loving every second of it! One of the highlights of my career that now has expanded into over 30 years in the comedy field.

AND still loving every second of it!!

I was able to attend the 55th year celebration of the Brave New Workshop and the opening of their brand new revue “Attack of the Best of the Brave New Workshop” and was given the royal treatment as an alum from the past. The show was wonderful and filled with a smart and talented cast that came out swinging and never let up, giving 100 and one per cent all night long. Hilarious! Nice to meet and greet with the cast afterwards and getting a chance to chat with Dudley Riggs himself for awhile. Nothing I like better than being surrounded by a crop of funny folks, old and new!”