Scott Novotny, Comedian

Scott Novotny, Comedian


Scott Novotny performs in Medora ND.  Wacky goofy physical comic.  Clean comedy act.  Suitable for all age shows as well.  Great opening act for concerts.


Comedian Scott Novotny performs material from his feature set at the Medora Outdoor Musical.  Clean comedy for all ages.  Wacky, goofy fun!


Comediian Scott Novotny performs piece at Medora North Dakota Great Outdoor Musical as featured performer.  Subject: Blinkers

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Comedian, Scott Novotny performs live at the Minnesota Comedy Club!

Scott Novotny Medora ND - Part 1

Comedian Scott Novotny performing in Medora ND at the Great Outdoor musical.
Featured act. Part one of four parts.
Good clean comedy for your company parties or company events, fundraisers, comedy nights.